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    • Discovery of trend dependencies over time-series 

      Bode, Nicholas (2023-11-01)
      We improve constraint-based data quality using trend dependency (TD) discovery, extending existing order dependencies (ODs) to allow variations and exceptions. Unlike ODs, TDs capture approximate functional mappings between ...
    • Preferential proximal policy optimization in reinforcement learning 

      Balasuntharam, Tamilselvan (2023-12-01)
      The Proximal Policy Optimization (PPO), a policy gradient method, excels in reinforcement learning with its ”surrogate” objective function and stochastic gradient ascent. However, PPO does not fully consider the significance ...
    • Unified processing of natural language and relational data 

      Stoica, Andrei (2022-09-01)
      This work outlines a method for performing natural language tasks as part of a relational framework. Utilizing features of PostgreSQL as a relational database and its extensibility to allow for word embedding without leaving ...