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    • The Role of Interactive Visualization in Fostering Trust in AI 

      Beauxis-Aussalet, Emma; Behrisch, Michael; Borgo, Rita; Chau, Duen Horng; Collins, Christopher; Ebert, David; El-Assady, Mennatallah; Endert, Alex; Keim, Daniel A.; Kohlhammer, Jörn; Oelke, Daniela; Peltonen, Jaakko; Riveiro, Maria; Schreck, Tobias; Strobelt, Hendrik; van Wijk, Jarke J. (IEEE, 2021-12-10)
      The increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies across application domains has prompted our society to pay closer attention to AI's trustworthiness, fairness, interpretability, and accountability. In order ...