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    • Adaptive engagement of older adults’ fitness through gamification 

      Kappen, Dennis L. (2017-07-01)
      Older adults are often not physically active because they lack motivation, time, and/or physical ability. Not only does this impact the life of older adults, but it also affects society as a whole, because the cost of ...
    • Beyond the noise: an exploration of informative sound design in video games 

      Robb, James (2015-08-01)
      Informative sounds in video games are those that are played with a functional purpose. These sounds are meant to inform the player of some change in the state of the game, be it in their character’s status or something in ...
    • GURB : the game user research blueprint 

      Moosajee, Naeem (2016-08-01)
      With the rise of new platforms, distribution and crowdfunding services, the game industry is facing fast changes and advances in technology. Game development studios are under more pressure to create successful games due ...