Recent Submissions

  • An energy-regenerative suspension system 

    Lato, Thomas; Zhao, Huiyong; Zhao, Lin; He, Yuping (ASME, 2018)
  • Control of resonant excitation in piping systems 

    Lato, Thomas; Mohany, Atef (9th International Symposium on Fluid-Structure Interactions, Flow-Sound Interactions, Flow-Induced Vibration & Noise, 2018)
    Acoustic resonance is a phenomenon which is known to have severe repercussions in a variety of industrial systems. Acoustic resonance can cause high levels of vibrations leading to damage or premature failure of critical ...
  • A Survey on Security and Attack Aspects of Passwords 

    Ashibani, Yosef (2018-01-19)
    Despite many weaknesses, passwords are still mainly used, and will continue to be used in the near future, for the user authentication process. Passwords remain one of the important pillars of the protection structure even ...