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    • Multi-readout logic gate for selective metal ions detection in parts per billion levels 

      Zenkina, O. V.; Laschuk, N. O.; Ebralidze, I. I.; Spasyuk, D. (John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., 2016-07-18)
      Optical sensors utilizing visual responses for the identification of metal ions require reliable molecular systems able to operate selectively in multicomponent solutions. Herein, we report a water-soluble terpyridyl-based ...
    • Rational design of a material for rapid colorimetric Fe2+ detection 

      Zenkina, O.V; Laschuk, N. O.; Ebralidze, I. I.; Quaranta, S.; Kerr, S.; Egan, J. G.; Gillis, S.; Gaspari, F.; Latini, A. (Elsevier, 2016-10-05)
      We report on the rational design of a novel TiO2 based screen-printed material suitable for sensitive and selective detection of iron ions in water. This includes the synthesis and characterization of large mesoporous TiO2 ...